Elm Cottage Touring Park is a family park catering for motorhomes, caravans, trailer tents and tents only.  No other vehicles including but not limited to horse drawn trailers/caravans, fifth wheelers, RV’s, continental door opening caravans etc are permitted unless with prior agreement.

We reserve the right to ask guests who contravene these Terms and Conditions or who in any other way are behaving in a manner likely to cause distress or nuisance to other visitors or staff to leave the park immediately. In these circumstances your booking with us ceases and we shall not be liable for any extra costs incurred by you.

Copies of our Terms and Conditions are available in large print. If you would like a copy or wish to discuss any other special requirements please ask a member of staff.

Booking Conditions

We cater for families and couples and do not accept bookings from all male or all female parties of four or more persons unless by prior arrangement. We also reserve the right to refuse any booking. Bookings can be made in the following ways:

The person named on the booking is responsible for the booking and certifies that they are over 18 years of age, and will be a member of the visiting party.


This Contract is with Elm Cottage Touring Park LLP, Chester Lane, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 2QJ. A contract exists as soon as the booking has been made. The terms contained in this contract do not affect your statutory rights.

Cancellation of the Booking By You: Pitches

You may cancel your stay at any time. Cancellation will be effective on the date it is received by us and no refund of deposits will be made. If full payment has been made refunds will be on the following basis:

  • More than 14 days – Full refund less first night pitch fee

  • 13 to 7 days – 50% refund less £15

  • under 6 days – No refund

Cancellation of the Booking By You: Rooms

You may cancel your stay at any time. Cancellation will be effective on the date it is received by us and no refund of deposits will be made. If full payment has been made refunds will be on the following basis:

  • More than 28 days – Full refund less £25

  • 14 to 27 days – 50% refund less £25

  • under 13 days – No refund

 Cancellation of the Booking By You: Self-Catering Chalet

You may cancel your stay at any time. Cancellation will be effective on the date it is received by us and no refund of deposits will be made. If full payment has been made refunds will be on the following basis:

  • More than 28 days – Full refund less £50

  • 14 to 27 days – 50% refund less £50

  • under 13 days – No refund

Cancellation of the Booking By Elm Cottage Touring Park

If we are unable to fulfil the booking and have to cancel before the start date you are entitled to a full refund of the money you have paid.

Behaviour Standards and Termination

By making a booking with us you have entered a contract in which you undertake on behalf of yourself and the people in the party (including children) to adopt the following standards of behaviour whilst on the park:

  • To act in a courteous and considerate manner towards guests and employees.

  • To supervise children properly so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.

Please note that at all times the safety of children is the responsibility of their guardians.  You will not:

  • Commit any criminal offences or undertake any criminal activity.

  • Commit any acts of vandalism or nuisance.

  • Keep or carry any firearm or any other weapon.

  • Use any unlawful drugs.

  • Create any undue noise or disturbance.

  • Carry on any trade or business.

  • Quiet hours are from 11pm until 8.30am. Please respect your fellow guests and keep noise to an absolute minimum.

A maximum of 2 adult visitors per pitch is permitted but they must leave the Park by 7pm.  In the interest of all visitors the company reserves the right to refuse entry to any person or groups at its discretion. In such cases a full refund of paid pitch fees will be given and the contract shall be discharged.

If in our opinion any person is not suitable to continue their stay because of unreasonable behaviour, damage to property or annoyance to other guests we reserve the right to exclude their party from the park. In this event no refund will be given and the person will remain liable for any damage caused to property.

Health and Safety

We take the well-being and safety of our guests extremely seriously and we ask that you comply with the following:

  • The speed limit in all areas of the park is 5 mph. This applies to all vehicles including children’s cycles.

  • All vehicles must conform to the Road Traffic Act and have current tax, MOT and insurance.

  • Guests are not allowed to bring lorries or other commercial vehicles on to the park. This includes towing vehicles.

  • No recreational vehicles can be used on the park. This includes motorised scooters.

  • No mechanical or repair work is to be undertaken on the park with the exception of emergency repairs under the supervision of a motoring organisation.

  • No kite flying on the park due to overhead power lines.

  • In the unlikely event of a natural disaster or emergency please adhere to instructions given by duty staff.

  • Please make yourself aware of the nearest fire point.


Dogs and cats are allowed, no other animals are allowed on site without prior agreement.  If you bring your dog with you when you stay with us we ask that you:

  • Keep it on a lead within your pitch boundary and exercise it on the dog walk.

  • Clean up after it immediately.

  • Do not leave it unattended at any time.

  • We reserve the right to require that the owner removes their dog, or any other pet from the park if it is a nuisance or danger to other guests.

  • Please park on the awning side of your van (British) whenever possible.

  • Any type of fire, fireworks, Chinese lanterns and ground level barbeques are not permitted.

  • Breathable groundsheets to be used in awnings on grassed areas.

  • The use of generators is NOT allowed.

  • No skateboarding on the park. No games in the car park area in front of reception.

  • No games in or around the shower block, bin areas and Motorhome Service Point. No water balloons.

  • If staying in the Camping/Rally fields do not allow your children to play around the main site.

  • No trespassing on the adjacent farmers fields.

  • Keep bottles, (including plastic), cans and newspapers/cardboard separate from other waste and place them in the recycling bins.

  • Always use a waste water container and dispose of it as directed.

  • Make sure your pitch area is litter free on departure.

  • Cutting or damaging trees or other vegetation is strictly prohibited and the natural conditions are not to be disturbed.

  • No washing lines are allowed; rotary and freestanding airers are permitted.

  • It is regretted that no refunds can be given if guests depart prior to the end of their booking. Prices listed include VAT.

  • The information supplied when booking in will be stored on computer for administrative purposes. Under no circumstances will this information be passed to a third party.

  • We may from time to time wish to send you communications. If you do not wish to receive any such communication please let us know.

  • For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1984 entering into the contract with us signifies your assent to these terms.

  • Our pitches are generously sized (typically min 72 sq mtr, all units must not exceed 8m x 5m) and clearly marked.   Please position your unit including vehicles to allow a minimum 3m clear firebreak between adjacent pitches.

  • Please advise us if you are likely to arrive later than 6pm. Latest arrival time is 9pm unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • If we have not heard from you within 24-hrs of your expected arrival we reserve the right to re-let your pitch.

  • All pitches must be vacated by 12-noon on day of departure unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • You are requested not to arrive before 1:30pm unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • Every endeavour will be made to allocate guests to the pitch of their choice, however it must be understood that acceptance of a booking is not conditional on the allocation of a particular pitch.

  • Your pitch number and directions to it will be confirmed on arrival. Any guest on the wrong pitch may be asked to move.

  • Please note that should you wish to extend your stay beyond the booked date there is no guarantee that the same pitch will be available.

  • We shall not be liable for the death or injury of any person staying or visiting the park or for any loss or damage to property of any such person howsoever any such death, injury, loss or damage may be caused other than as a result of our negligence.

  • Your vehicles, their contents and accessories, your personal belongings are left entirely at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any loss from or damage to any vehicle from any cause whatsoever, other than negligence of the company, our employees or agents.

  • Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the details shown on this website are correct, the company cannot accept responsibility for errors contained therein or the results thereof.

Vehicle Charging

Electric and hybrid vehicle users pay a single fee to charge their vehicles via their outfit. Hybrid cars and electric cars are charged at the same rate of £20 per day. The fee charged is based on the assumption the vehicle is plugged in for 12 hours in any given day, via your outfit, drawing power at a rate which should fully charge a hybrid's battery and give a useful top-up to most fully electric cars.

To ensure that you charge safely, we ask that you keep both habitation and car charging demand to a reasonable usage level and that you plug the car into a mains socket within your outfit, not directly into the bollard. If you wish to charge your vehicle via your outfit while on a pitch, then please speak to our staff either upon arrival or during your stay, and let them know how many charges you wish to make. They will then be able to take payment from you.

Areas of concern

If you have any areas of concern, please raise it with a member of staff during your stay, such that we have an opportunity to discuss and resolve where possible immediately.

Following your stay we may contact you, (via a 3rd party), and invite you to leave a review.